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Pixio Magnetic Building Blocks Set 200pcs


New colors, new stories.


Our PIXIO-200 set brings you two hundred PIXIO blocks in eight perfectly paired colors. These include six basic colors: black, white, red, green, yellow, and turquoise, plus two new colors. Pink, one of the most popular PIXIO® colors, is key for making princesses, unicorns, and magical rainbows.


Tan is indispensable for portraying people and animals. Together these new colors open up new possibilities for modeling characters, both realistic and fantastical. The increased number of PIXIO blocks in the PIXIO-200 set lets you enhance detail and add distinctive elements. Use 43 PIXIO blocks to snap together a pizza deliveryman. After your pizza, you can build a fitness girl. Just 35 PIXIO blocks will give you a figure you can really be proud of!

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