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Pixio Magnetic Building Blocks Set 50pcs


This PIXIO Starter Set 50 pieces consists of 50 blocks in different colors. The blocks contain 6 unique magnets on each side. In this way, the blocks on each other side can be replaced by the next block. They magically click together!


  • Your kind can build freely and according to their own imagination, the possibilities are endless
  • Pixio's pixels are smaller and therefore offer more of a challenge for children aged 6 and over
  • Pixio has an app that you can download for free. This app contains numerous structures that you can recreate


Magnetic construction toys with builder app Discover the impossible possibilities of PIXIO with the PIXIO Starter Set 50 pieces! This compact and versatile set is perfect for beginners and experienced builders alike. With PIXIO, the award-winning magnetic construction toy, you can now create your own works of art and unleash your creativity.


The PIXIO Starter Set contains 50 magnetic blocks in vibrant colors. Each block is completely magnetic, so you can attach them together powerfully. Whether you want to build a simple geometric shape or create a more complex design, this set provides all the building blocks you need.


Let your imagination run wild with PIXIO With the PIXIO Starter Set you can give free rein to your imagination and create unique creations. Build geometric figures, abstract sculptures or even small animals. Let your creative energy flow and discover new shapes and structures while playing with the magnetic blocks. The possibilities are endless and the fun is guaranteed. PIXIO is not only a source of creativity, but also a relaxing activity. Assembling the magnetic blocks is meditative and separate. As you click the blocks together, you can clear your mind and find a moment of calm. It's a great way to relax after a busy day of yourself, even disconnect from the digital world.